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As an apostolic hub, the Lord has called the Mission to send apostolic teams to the nations. The focus of this work is to partner with local leadership to see governmental shifts in the spirit and bring about His purpose.


For the past 8 years Lorraine has been leading apostolic teams to the Andhra Pradesh region of India where we partner with Apostle Prabhu Varam Nannepogu. When she first met Prabhu he had a handful of churches affiliated with him.  He now has hundreds and hundreds of churches plus widows’ homes, orphanages and a Pastors’ Bible School. The Lord has surely grown the ministry! Lorraine visits at least once a year and runs Healing Crusades & Pastors Training days. Over these last eight years the Lord has continued to do many miracles, healings, signs and wonders, and the work is going from strength to strength. The aim is to see every Christian at The Way Mission churches moving in the full rights of sons of God, preaching and demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom, casting out demons, speaking in tongues, walking in the protection and favour of the Lord and healing the sick.


For the last four years we have supported and worked with Apostle Kimberly Dube in Bulawayo.  He has churches throughout Zimbabwe and some in South Africa. We support them in prayer, financially and with the word of the Lord when we visit. Together we belive that the Kingdom will advance in Zimbabwe so people will come from all over Africa to see glories of the Kingdom at work! The Fountain of Life churches already move in signs, wonders, deliverance and healings but there is much more available. Bulawayo, a city where the dead will be raised, the blind see, cripples walk again and the Presence of the Lord permanently overshadows the city! 


After working with the local church in Fiji for a few years the Lord directed Lorraine to establish a team in Suva. The purpose is to train and equip that team, to be a band of fire starters who have the prophetic vision, perseverance, faith and the determination to pray until revival comes again to their nation. The need for Christians committed to the advance of the Kingdom, not just maintaining the status quo is pressing. It is the time for the Gideon’s, Phinehas’, Daniel’s and other heroes of the faith to arise in Fiji and birth the purposes of the King in the whole Pacific region. There will be a spiritual ring of fire around the Pacific not just a geographical one.

Itinerary: Apostle Lorraine Hagen

August 15 - 22, 2016: Mission Pacific - Fiji

September 5 - 26, 2016: The Way Mission - Andhra Pradesh region, India