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Good News

God is on the move throughout our city, nation and around the globe! It is time to declare of His great works and shout about what He has done. See below for the latest testimonies and good news.

Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2015

Healed From Eczema

For 34 years I suffered from eczema on my hands. It was always prickly heat that caused it and my fingers would break open and weep. When I bent my knuckles they would crack and bleed and get infected. They would come right about every 6 weeks, but it was a continual cycle. I used to say "God, I'd like you to heal me if you want to", but I didn't know that God had already healed me and I could just claim it. However, it was when I became aware of how generational curses can affect you, and the...

Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2015

Healed from Cancer

In March 2015, my Husband, Craig Campbell, went and got a mole removed from his back. The doctor thought it was nothing, but lab results rang to say it was Melanoma. The results showed it was aggressive and had already grown down into his body and they weren't sure how deep as they had unknowingly cut through the cancer to take the mole off. Somehow, right from the beginning, God gave us peace that this would not be death but for Life and His glory. Our church started praying with us for healing & right the way through we felt...

Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2015

Healed from a Broken Back

When Craig was 20, he fell off a ladder while apple-picking and broke the L4 vertebrae in his back. Doctors gave him a corset to wear and told him he would be a cripple for the rest of his life. Craig was not able to run and could only walk and move around with difficulty. After two years of praying and seeking the Lord for healing, Craig went to a meeting run by Team Missions in Motueka. One of the team prayed for his back and got a fright as he felt electricity run through his hand into Craig. Craig...

Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2015

Healed from Juvenile Arthritis

When I was 11 years old I started getting a small lump on my middle finger joint on my right hand. My finger started to get sore whenever I used it and then the pain spread to my other fingers and to my other hand. Over the next few years the joint pain spread to nearly all my other joints. I started to also have increasing stiffness in most of my joints – especially the big ones (hands, feet, knees, hips, back etc). By this time I had had many many blood tests and was seeing a doctor and specialist...